What a Crepe Morning

Berry Good CrepeI think that a Blue Jay was singing out the window this morning, figuratively speaking anyway. You know, one of those days you wake up and it just feels like it’s going to be a wonderful day. That is how I felt this morning.

We have a ministry going on at our church, and I got to cook for the group that is involved in that ministry. Not something that you think would brighten up your day. After all, cooking is a lot of work. However, I actually like to cook, and this morning I got to cook with a group of people whom I adore and have fun with. We met together and started cooking around 8AM, and we were supposed to be ready by 9AM. Let’s just say we missed our mark.

We cooked eggs, bacon, Cajun potatoes, and Berry Crepes. I was like a head chef for a day! People were cutting potatoes, cooking bacon, and preparing the fruit, music was playing in the background, and we just enjoyed putting everything together. Friends definitely make cooking better. Then you get to eat what you make. MMMMMMMM!

Crepes are not really all that hard to make either. One at a time I mixed the ingredients together: Eggs till it frothed, milk, salt, sugar, flour, and butter. Then I got to flip them in a pan. I felt like a professional cook today, without all the stress that is involved.

These crepes turned out awesome. The recipe called for fruit filling with cherries and strawberries, but I am not a big cherry person, so we used raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. It also called for mixing sour cream with confectioners’ sugar as a topping. I thought it was a weird combination, but it was great with the fruit and the crepes. Once I tasted it, it didn’t crepe me out anymore. (Sorry I had to add the pun.)

I recommend this one. It is easy, fun, and enjoyable to eat. Remember, “Cooking with friends can turn an ordinary day into a crepe day!”

Berry Good Crepes:
Crepe Ingredients:

2 Eggs
1 Cup of Milk
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons butter, melted

1 Cup Strawberries
1/2 Cup Raspberries
1/2 Cup Blackberries
1/2 Cup Blueberries
3 tablespoons of Sugar

1 cup sour cream
1/3 Cup Confectioners’ Sugar

1) Beat eggs in a medium bowl until foamy. Add milk, salt, sugar, flour, and butter; whisk until smooth. Cover bowl; let stand for 10 minutes. Grease a small skillet with cooking spray.
2) Meanwhile, for filling mix berries in a bowl. Sprinkle with sugar; stir to coat. Let stand. For topping mix sour cream and confectioners’ sugar in a small bowl; set aside.
3) Heat skillet over medium heat; add 1/4 cup batter. Quickly tilt skillet to spread batter. Cook until the edges lift easily. Turn; cook until bottom is lightly browned, about 30 seconds.
4) Remove crepe to a plate. Repeat with remaining batter. To serve, place 2 tablespoons fruit mixture into crepe. Fold and roll tightly to enclose filling. Add topping.




Pizza! I mean really what more can I say. Kids love them. Parents love them. Friends and family love them. My sister-in-law would probably live on them if we let her. She has Downs syndrome, and pizza is one of her favorite foods. There are thousands of ingredients, and a variety of countries have their own versions. Let us just face it; pizza is a way of life.

I decided to make one from scratch, well, with a Pillsbury Thin Crust dough anyway. The sauce is basically just tomato paste, dried rosemary, oregano, basil, fresh garlic, and some water. My recipe said to use 1 ¾ cups of water, which made it really runny. I ended up adding a can of tomato sauce to help thicken it some. This worked a bit, but the sauce was still fairly thin. Then, I put it in a jar to let it marinade for a couple of days, soaking in the flavor of the herbs.

Me Eating PizzaIt was wonderful. The crust was a golden brown. The fixin’s were just what I wanted them to be. It had to have been one of the best pizzas I have ever tasted. My wife even said that it beat out one of our favorite pizza places in Houston, “Spanky’s Pizza” off of 610. UMMMM their garlic and spinach pizza just makes my mouth water. I am going to have to try some other things as well. Maybe I’ll try some pesto, garlic sauce, or Alfredo sauce with chicken. There are so many things that can be done. I cannot wait to try something new.

Just Remember, “Some things are just made better at home!”

Here is what I used for the Pizza Sauce:
(1) 8oz can Tomato paste
(2) Garlic cloves minced
Dried Oregano to Taste
Dried Basil to Taste
Dried Rosemary to Taste
Pinch of salt
(1) cup of water
Optional (1) can of Tomato Sauce

Mix well and let sit for 1 to 2 days.