Memorial Means More Than BBQ

Well it is Memorial weekend and what does that mean? Well it means more than BBQ. This year I wanted to do more than just stand at the grill to commemorate a day that most of the time I just don’t think about. Memorial day is meant to commemorate those who have fallen in the line of service for our country. It needs to be more than just the military, or officers, or firefighters. We can remember everyone who have gone before us. Each, whether they died for our freedom, security, or even safety, are our heroes, but there are so many more.

For many it is a lost husband or wife, child or parent, friend or relative. I want to make this Holiday mean more than I have before. I want to make it mean more than a day to BBQing, or that I get to spend the day off. I want to commemorate those who are heroes: PAST and Present!

In today’s society, it is easy for a person to be called a Hero – but it means much more TO BE ONE. If the media to catches wind of a great story, they can make that person a star or even a villain.

This weekend, I got the chance to be a caterer for a group of people who I enjoy serving with, but are all heroes in my eyes in some sort of way. Mothers with their children, Pastors with their congregations, engineers with their friends. These people are worthy to be heroes because they know what to give value to. Unfortunately many of those who deserve such a title don’t receive it, while others who don’t deserve it are called Heroes everyday.

So I say Kudos to those who are EVERYDAY HEROES in our lives, in the lives of their children and ours, to family, friends, co-workers. I say Kudos to those who have given up time with their families to serve, to protect, to give their lives. I say Kudos to those who have gone before us to give us the life that we have.

Next week I will talk about the INS and OUTS of what I made, but this week I just want to REMEMBER. As you are BBQing this weekend or whatever you do to celebrate this memorial holiday, don’t just brush it aside as a day that you get to take off. Take some time with your loved ones to “JUST REMEMBER!”