Hi everyone, my name is Scott – but in this case “The Cooking Carpenter.” I love to cook and build various things and hope that this blog will come in handy to those who read it.

The idea is to post different things that I have cooked or created. Then let you see how it looked and provide a link to the recipe if it is worth it. The blog will be about what I liked about the meal or dish and the things that I did not like about the experience as well. I will rate it based upon how easy it is to make and if it is worth the effort to try again in the future. I am not a professional, just someone who enjoys to cook and see the reactions that result from it. Maybe it will spark some ideas for your kitchen as well.

I have been working for a small outdoor construction company as an office manager for over 15 years (Since 1996). Learning much of what I know from the carpenters that I work with and love the experience of trying to do things for myself. Just as cooking, I am not a professional carpenter, but I work with and have worked with many over the years. I have however designed some of the most extravagant outdoor living rooms and kitchens that Houston has to offer to very simple ones. I have remodeled a couple of bathrooms, bedrooms, and even built furniture. So in this case, we can call myself a carpenter with a little-c for now. The things I would like to post regarding this is handyman type things that might come in useful for those that are willing to try, design ideas, or simple reminders of things that need to be done.

Hopefully this will come in handy or just be enjoyable to see what happens. Either way I hope that we can enjoy this journey together.


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