It is Simple – Just Use the Manual

Ladder Joint

In carpentry the phrase, “This should be a simple job!” is a curse word. It is kind of like saying “Break a Leg” to an actor before they go on stage. To the actor it is considered good luck, in the other not so much. In almost every case the thing that was supposed to be “simple” just doesn’t turn out that way.

This last weekend I had to install a new attic ladder, so I asked one of my carpenter buddies to come and help me put it in. (This really should be a two-man project.) The wood attic ladder we owned was broken at the joint on the bottom section. These ladders almost always break in this location and I did not want to consider putting a new one back in.

Werner Attic Ladder

Both Lowes and Home Depot sell aluminum attic ladders. It is better to spend a little extra and get something that will ultimately hold up better and last longer. After putting it in “by following the instructions” I could feel the difference right away. We watched the video first just to see what we thought, and they made it look so simple. We thought to ourselves “Yeah Right! Like it is going to be that easy.” However, once we finally got the old ladder out of there (the hardest part of the job), it really did flow the way the video described it.

Yes, it is possible for men to read the instructions before putting something together. In this case, I highly recommend it. If you have a bum ladder, check out the video and see if you want to tackle this absolutely amazingly difficult project (not really, LOL) for yourself. If I didn’t just curse the project for you remember, “It is simple – just use the manual and a good buddy.”